The way to take care of your sterling silver name necklace

After a time of using, your necklace would look dirty and tarnished, as a consequence, they would lose their glow.

Any solution? You have to clean your necklace. To be more clarified, it is not really difficult to clean your necklace.

So, here are some simple methods to keep your necklace clean.


If you by chance order your necklace from this shop:

You must first figure out what material they are using to make the necklace to find the appropriate way to clean your own necklace.

The shop uses 925 sterling silver to make the necklace – so, basically, the name necklace you purchase from this shop is made of silver.

You may know that Silver necklaces will oxidize when we leave them outside the atmosphere. And the chief elements of tarnish is sulfur, specifically hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This gas is everywhere but worse when the air is heavily polluted. Elements like felt, wool, even food (e.g eggs, onions...) cause tarnish.

When the tarnish is left uncleaned, it will turn from yellow to metal brown, then black and it will become more difficult to remove. In order not to have your own silver name necklace heavily affected by tarnish, you should have a look at your jewelry frequently and clean it once you find some traces of tarnish on your jewelry.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that cleaning silver necklace is not similar to cleaning a gold, or pearl necklace. You ought to know what your jewelry is made of, then use the proper approach to get your jewelry cleaned so that you do not have to get rid of your jewelry just because of the inappropriate cleaning method.

Back to this shop which uses silver as core material to create each piece their jewelry.

Handwriting Necklace

It is quite cheap. It helps your silver necklace be clean and shiny more effectively than ordinary cloth.An easy and simple way to clean your silver name necklace is to use silver polishing cloth.

And it can be used many times.

All you need to do is getting the polishing cloth and then gently clean your silver necklace by rubbing the cloth to your necklace.

Or you may use any type of tarnish remover brand. Just don’t forget not to rub your silver necklace too toughly or it would render a scrape on your precious jewelry.





If you are in a rush to clean your silver name necklace and don’t have sufficient time to purchase a silver polishing cloth or a tarnish remover, you may attempt to clean your silver name necklace using a toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.

Just get some toothpaste on your silver necklace then rub the surface using the toothbrush. Sponge possibly works as replacement as well, simply rub the surface gently.

After that, rinse your silver name necklace in warm water and let it dry using a cloth.

(Remember to use lint-free cloth to dry the necklace)

If you are likely to use this tip with toothpaste to clean your silver necklace, remember that a few toothpaste brands can be more abrasive than others. They can leave a scrape on your necklace so if you want to keep your silver name necklace the same as it is, go buy yourself a silver polish without hesitation.

Moreover, the new, soft toothbrush is better than an old one because your old toothbrush bristle might have residue, which is not a good choice for your silver necklace as you are trying to clean it, not to make it dirty.

Beside toothpaste, ketchup also does a fantastic job in maintaining your silver necklace shines.

Another effective one is vinegar, the old reliable cleaning item. You might be acquainted with using vinegar to clean microwave or water pipe. But some people might not know that vinegar can also clean your silver necklace.

You could possibly find out more options like using window cleaner, vodka, club soda, etc. to clean your jewelry. However, remember that these methods only work with thin layer of tarnish, thicker tarnish perhaps would not be fully cleaned.

Furthermore, if you are using these methods to clean your silver necklace, don’t forget to adjust the quantity and the time to dip your silver necklace. Some could cause damage to your silver necklace if you leave them there for too long without cleaning it again with warm water and dry it using a soft cloth.  

Simply speaking, the methods above could do the job perfectly whenever your silver name necklace has light tarnish, which could be easily removed.

If the tarnish is considerably thicker, you need to use another useful tip which you might find out more often on the internet to clean your silver necklace, by using baking soda.




It requires a cup of hot water, salt and baking soda (can use water softener powder as substitute).

An aluminum plate (or use a regular plate covered with a piece of aluminum foil) should be used for better outcome. When baking soda is added, the aluminum will respond to the silver sulfide, as a result, it removes the tarnish from the silver necklace and into the aluminum foil.

After that, add 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda in the water. Stir it a little bit to dissolve the mixture.

Next, leave your silver name necklace in the water in a few minutes, until the tarnish dissolves. Then, rinse the necklace and dry it using a soft cloth.

Once the silver necklace is dry, it’s the perfect time to clean your silver name necklace.

Nevertheless, polishing may still be needed if you wish for your silver name necklace to look like a whole new item.

Simply speaking, jewelry would not remain the same as amazing as before once they are used. They will soon become dirty and need to be cleaned. In cases like this, silver necklace may certainly lose their shine and also be tarnished. Still, you will find lots of methods to get your silver necklace cleaned such as using everyday household items or polishing cloth. You wouldn’t have to be hesitated when purchasing more silver jewelry as long as you remember to clean them regularly.









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