Are Vests Compulsory for Your ESA Cats?

If anyone is suffering from PTSD, depression, or any other mental disorder, you definitely must have heard about the advantages of having an emotional support animal (ESA). They have a very essential role in accompanying those who are fighting with mental health issues and also trying to overcome this every single day. 


Furthermore, many people prefer to have a dog as an emotional support companion but actually it can be from any species. However, cats are the second-most common category for an ESA. Many people with mental health issues prefer to have a cat friend in order to have comfort and to eliminate the sense of loneliness during any symptoms. 


So, once you already have an ESA cat you might be wondering if you can somehow spend money to buy an ESA vest. But again the question arises where a certain vest would be necessary? Keep reading this article to get more understanding.


Does an ESA cat need certification?


  • It is equally significant that an authorized health care provider or consultant will prescribe an ESA letter to the holder. 


  • If the doctor has identified the individual requires a pet with emotional comfort, the pet will surely be prepared to support and reduce the symptoms of the owner. 


  • When the doctor agrees that the patient really needs an ESA that will help them to feel better. Resultantly, they will suggest to officially nominate your pet as an ESA. For that, you will not be needing any emotional support animal letter but rather a valid letter issued by your LHMP that will authorize you as an ESA cat owner. That letter that will officially declare you as an ESA owner. 


  • For ESA certification, you have to get a letter from a recognized therapist while explaining the symptoms of your illnesses. Such an ESA letter will include your statement, the need for an ESA, licensed therapist signature, date, and state of issuance. You can have many benefits after having that letter, such as you can enjoy an air journey with your ESA companion. Also, you are allowed to keep your ESA cat in a housing community where you are living. You can check out an ESA letter sample available online to get a better idea.


  • Similarly, you can get that letter online as well but you have to be aware of the scams happening in the name of registering your ESA. Those who claim to register your pet are an obvious fraud as there is no requirement of certifying your ESA cat for traveling or housing purposes. 


Should my cat have a vest?


As you will certify your ESA cat, you might be thinking of getting a vest for a furry companion. Vests are important for your pet cat, particularly in public as it differentiates your ESA cat with other regular cats. Normally, vests are red and orange in color. Such vests can be easily used with a leash to allow your cat to go within a store or for a usual walk. 


Moreover, vests are not legally a must for your ESA cat. You can definitely avail one for your ease but it is not at all recommended by the law to buy the vest right after obtaining it. Beware of those who put such impressions that your certification will be denied if you don’t put a vest on your ESA. 


Instant benefits 


  • The first and foremost benefit you will receive with an ESA cat vest is that people will quickly recognize your pet as an ESA.


  • The other benefit you will receive will be during flights when people don’t recognize your cat as an ESA and push it back. But then with the ESA Letter, you can claim your benefits as an owner of your ESA. 


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