Adopt Inbound Sales and ensure your sales increase!

Inbound sales happen from the moment a company decides to have autonomy and recognition in the current competitive market. So, if you want to increase your sales, it's time to get to know and adopt the strategy!

The trend in the modern world, when it comes to increasing sales of products or services, is digital marketing, which encompasses several cheap and efficient strategies for you to stand out from other companies in the same field.

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But to adopt the strategy and be effective, you need to know the aspects that can give strength to your business, such as Inbound Marketing and Inbound Sales.

There is an incredible difference between inbound sales and sales made by Outbound Marketing.

Do you want to understand the reasons and how to get better results for your company? So, check it all out in the content we've prepared for you!

  • How do inbound sales happen?
  • The Benefits of Inbound Marketing Sales
  • How to implement inbound sales in your company?
  • Don't waste any more time: invest now in Inbound Sales!

How do inbound sales happen?

If you really want to find out how to increase your company's sales, you need to start betting on the online environment.

That's because it opens the door to one of the most successful strategies today: Inbound Marketing.

In case you didn't know, this strategy is also known as Attraction Marketing and aims to gain the interest of your target audience in a natural way.

This means that, unlike Traditional Marketing (Outbound Marketing), which makes companies invest heavily in intrusive strategies to attract consumers in a massive way, Inbound Marketing aims to make people find your company and want to connect to her.

From the point at which these customers are attracted by Inbound Marketing, it is necessary to focus on developing the relationship between potential customers, which are called leads, through useful and relevant content about their industry.

But why invest in content?

Because these articles guarantee the transfer of knowledge. And knowledge is synonymous with autonomy regarding your market.

After all, Inbound Sales, as Inbound Sales are characterized, only happens when a relationship is established and trust is earned.

And for that to happen, it is necessary to convert users into leads and make them advance to the final stage of the Inbound Marketing sales funnel: the Funnel Fund (Bo Fu), which concentrates all the leads that are about to become customers.

From this, the marketing department transfers the most qualified potential customers, that is, those who have a profile that adheres to that of their ideal customer (persona), to the sales team.

So, the sales department starts to work hard on this lead so that it becomes, in fact, a consumer of your company's products or services.

More partnership and less commercial

By using an Inbound Marketing sales funnel strategy, the company automatically becomes more of a partner with its consumers.

That's because the professionals in the sales department work in a more consultative way, that is, they check all customer data and the brand's relationship history to better understand the problems they're experiencing.

And I do the verification of this data and history how? Manually?

Not! Today, technology is present in our lives precisely to facilitate all processes, especially with regard to customer relationships.

For the verification of customer data and history, you can rely on a software called CRM (Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Management), present in the famous digital marketing automation tools.

Within these software, you can find a database so that information can be stored and consulted whenever you want, leaving people who have a better relationship with your organization as a priority.

In this way, sellers are able to be increasingly consultative and less intrusive.

The Benefits of Inbound Marketing Sales

Well, now that you are aware of the difference between Inbound Sales and Outbound Marketing, from the approach to the contact channel, let's find out what the benefits of the Inbound Marketing sales funnel are.

And we can highlight three:

1. Increase in lead-to-consumer conversions

The Inbound Marketing sales funnel is efficient because of the fact that potential customers arrive almost ready for the sales team to close the deal.

This is thanks to the actions of the Marketing department, which makes a point of educating these people in the market and showing that the products or services of your business are better than those of the competition and will help the customer to solve his problems.

For this, the first two stages of the sales funnel are the Top Funnel (Tofu) and Middle Funnel (MO Fu).

In both, it is necessary to work on attracting potential customers and capturing personal data so that a lasting relationship can begin until reaching the negotiation stage.

Therefore, the marketing team, concluding that leads are well educated in their market and remain interested in your business, transfer these people to the sales department, which takes care of the final deal to close a contract or purchase a product...

2. Improved productivity in the sales sector

Another interesting point that we can talk about Inbound Sales is that all negotiations are done without the sellers having to leave the office.

This activity allows the day to be much more productive, since the contact with consumers becomes more efficient than if the professional were on the street looking for leads.

Furthermore, the negotiation is usually made with leads that have a high chance of converting into new customers, made by videoconferences, phone calls or even chats.

Therefore, it is not difficult to realize that the method based on calling an unknown person is no longer the most viable way to increase sales of your company's products or services.

3. Reduction in the sales cycle

When working with inbound sales, the process of distributing your products or services becomes much more efficient and productive.

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After all, the sales cycle is shortened as the lead reaches the final stage of the Inbound Marketing sales funnel qualified enough to understand what your company does and how it can benefit your life.

Furthermore, the conversation between salespeople and potential customers ends up becoming much more objective and clear.

If we relate Inbound Sales and Outbound Marketing, for example, we can see that, in the first strategy, the salesperson's work is less, since the leads arrive prepared to buy, while in Traditional Marketing, the sales professional has a lot of construction work of the shopping journey.

Thus, we can see that, when we use Inbound Marketing, we enable the entry of the right leads for our venture.

How to implement inbound sales in your company?

You only need three steps to deploy the Inbound Sales funnel in your company. Get to know them:

Step 1: Bet on Content Marketing

Content Marketing is known as the pillar that supports Inbound Marketing and, consequently, Inbound Sales as well.

But to be successful the articles produced by your company must be properly distributed in digital channels.

In addition to being accessible to any entrepreneur's pocket, Content Marketing ensures that its industry is known by the target audience, regardless of the stage of the sales funnel it is in.

Step 2: Be present in the online environment

In addition to having a blog, your company also needs to be present in other digital environments, such as social networks.

With them, you can have a closer contact with your potential consumers and followers.

It is important that you always share your content on Facebook and LinkedIn, for example, so that you are not forgotten and keep in frequent contact with users of these networks.

Step 3: Hire a marketing agency

Finally, if you have a lot of doubts about Inbound Sales and Outbound Marketing, you can hire a digital marketing agency.

That's because this type of company has specialist and talented professionals in the subject, making the reach of its contents much more and better.

The result, obviously, is increased sales of your products or services and autonomy from the competition.

Don't waste any more time: invest now in Inbound Sales!

In this content you discovered how inbound sales can be important for your business to achieve phenomenal results in the online environment.

Thanks to it, you guarantee autonomy and know how to differentiate Inbound and Outbound Marketing sales, which, respectively, mean Attraction Marketing and Traditional Marketing.

Your business success awaits you!


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