Email Marketing for Father's Day: 6 Steps to Sell More

The  e-mail marketing for Father's Day  is one of the actions required to date and can boost its revenues more strategically. 

Commemorative dates require a more focused effort from the marketing and sales team. This is because the effort to convert users into customers is better utilized, since consumers already have a  buying impulse . That is,  they want to buy , but they still don't know where (and in some cases, they don't know what either). 


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If, on the one hand, dates like Father's Day boost company sales, after all, consumers are ready to make a purchase, on the other hand there is an  increase in competition , after all, and all brands want to take advantage of this moment in the market. 

Relationship actions, which take your company's message to the customer's inbox, are an  opportunity to stand out from competitors  and capture the attention of consumers. 

Not to mention that email marketing is one of the digital marketing actions with the best ROI, return on investment, in the market, reaching values ​​of  $38 for every $1 investments . 

But how to do this?

How to leverage Father's Day email marketing to generate more sales and improve your customer acquisition cost? 

Email Marketing for Father's Day

For a better use of this tactic, email marketing is a tool that should be used as part of an  Inbound Marketing strategy . 

Within the  sales funnel steps  it works to nurture the contacts the company captures, making them learn more about the product or service and taking those leads to the final purchase step. 

We are talking about an efficient strategy to “work” users who have already your company's pages, or visited somehow connected with your brand. 

This helps to lower the cost of acquiring customers, after all, you start to connect with potential consumers through channels that are not just paid channels such as ads on  Google Ads ,  Facebook Ads  and other platforms. 

That said, let's move on to the  email marketing tips  for Father's Day. Check out!

1. Create lead capture channels

An  email marketing strategy for Father's Day  must be concerned with leads that will be used in the dissemination stage of the campaigns.

For this, it is interesting that your company includes in your email marketing strategy previous actions aimed at generating leads. 

One strategy, for example, is to create a landing page and exit pop-ups with the following callout: “Receive the best offers for Father's Day. Register". 

You can start this campaign a  period before the offers for the date . This helps you to ensure a  good volume of leads  for the “official” period of the campaign. 

Of course, you  should also use leads that are already in your contact base , for example, investing in  email marketing for inactive customers . 

2. Segment your email list

Targeted email marketing campaigns have a  14% more open rate and 100.95% more clicks .

A Father's Day email marketing campaign is aimed at a very broad audience, but it can be better crafted if you use  general customer information and pre-populated information in the lead capture form .

Wherever possible, avoid mass mailings and use personalization to chat with your leads. 

Try to understand the type of product they want to buy for their parents or even the price range of the gift. This will help you offer more tailored offers for each contact's profile. 

The  email marketing for e-commerce  should consider the preferences of the user to indicate the most interesting offers and increase their  conversion rates .   

3. Fire up emails with exclusive promotions

Being part of a company's contact list should also be an advantage for the consumer. If he receives the same offers as followers of your social network, for example, he may stop being interested in being there. 

Therefore,  create exclusive actions  for your email contacts and use channels such as social networks and your website to  convert visitors into leads  from the “sign up and receive special and exclusive offers” offer. 

4. Use email to convert abandoned carts

The  abandoned carts  are part of the reality of any online store, and e-mail marketing is a  great tool to seek to convert  those customers who have not yet completed the purchase - but are almost there!

Create an  automation flow  for  leads with abandoned carts  and use that flow to give  extra incentive , like free shipping, and generate sales. 

5. Pay attention to e-mail subjects 

To have a high conversion rate you must first have a  high email open rate. 

In this sense, creating an email subject that is really  attractive  will allow your result to be better. 

Remember that your lead probably receives dozens of emails every day. Why should he open what your company ordered? 

The subject of an email is the only information that will tell you whether the  content is worth it or not . Therefore, pay special attention to seasonal dates, when the dispute for each contact's attention is even greater. 

6. Use technology to nurture leads before, during and after the sale

Last but not least, nothing  like using technology to drive results for your business. 

Using an email tool will contribute to automating activities, sending email, targeting customers, creating  nutrition streams  and more. 

All of this allows for  greater productivity of the marketing team  and greater efficiency of the email strategy, since many activities necessary to run an efficient campaign cannot be carried out without technology. 

A Father's Day email marketing campaign can continue to bring results for your business. To do this, create  after-sales strategies  that also use the channel intelligently. 

Remember that email marketing is an efficient tool for relationships before the sale, during the sale and after the sale, being essential for customer loyalty. 

Source: PropertyNews


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