REAL ESTATE MARKETING _ Getting it right at a low cost: the big challenge


To remain competitive in a market with a lot of supply, good old Marketing is necessary. But we know that great campaigns come at a high cost, so what to do? If you are a self-employed or real estate broker and have little resources to advertise your properties, stay tuned for our tips to make your Real Estate Marketing!!
In the current scenario, the internet is the big star of advertising. According to Google data, around 90% of property buyers used the internet to search for the ideal property. There are several low-cost actions you can do online, check out some of them:


The website is your showcase on the internet, it is the place to display all your properties in the most detailed and rich way possible. Insert lots of information, differentials, attractions (trade in the surroundings), photos, videos and location map. There are companies that work with pre-made templates of  Site + Webcast + Mobile  at an affordable cost.
vile Imo  – Pre-ready templates with several tools and features, optimized for Google, in addition to integration with the main search portals.


Tagarat strives to be Pakistan's biggest real estate developer ever, guaranteeing the highest international standards, prompt execution, and lifetime customer loyalty. For further detail visit skymarketing

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Real Estate Portals:

In addition to a good site, it is interesting to “virilize” your properties by making them available on major search portals, which receive countless views. In order for your property to be easily found, it is also important to describe it in detail, explore images and videos, and use the correct keywords. Some portals are paid but it is a necessary investment.
Viva Real  – From compact plans for brokers to unlimited plans for real estate agencies.
OLX, Good Business, Trovita, Imo box,  Villisca  – Free


Real Estate CRM:

Close relationships with interested customers and build a good database. The  CRM  system is very important to register all those customers who contact you, whether by email, website registration or telephone. In addition, the system crosses the information on the interests of these customers and shows possible properties that fit this profile. But it's not enough just to register customers, you have to keep them informed, sending news on the market, opportunities and properties of interest. Some web systems offer this tool.
vile Imo  – CRM included in the package. Allows registration of customers, crossing of information, registration of visits to properties, among other benefits.
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Email marketing:

As I said, it is not enough just to register customers, you have to maintain a relationship. Send promotions and newsletters to your database customers. Keep them always informed of news, interesting tips, real estate releases, opportunities (property with promotional price), announcements, commemorative e-mail on festive dates, among others. It is very important to maintain the relationship with the customer and make them remember your brand. Some companies offer the free shipping service, limited to a number of shots. There are companies.
MailChimp  – Free for mailing under 2,000 names with up to 12,000 mailings per month.
Arrived Email  – Different plans, to meet all types of companies.

Online Ad Generator:

It is possible to make a professional and attractive ad without having to take courses in coral draw or photoshop. There are sites that generate A4 ads to display in shop windows or print catalogs, and best of all, for free. It's super simple to do, just choose the pre-made template you want, insert information and photos of the property and generate the pdf, which can be printed or sent by email.
Villedas  – Some free layouts are available, but you can hire a plan and have access to more layouts.
Access: .


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Social networks

What about social media… that's what's right now!! Use as many as you can, be it  Instagram  to post photos,  SlideShare  to spread presentations,  YouTube  to post videos, or  twitter  to post interesting content and URLs. The  Google +  has increased its popularity among the users. One feature of this social network is being able to organize contacts into groups, which is interesting for the realtor, as he can organize his clients by type of property of interest. The  fakebooksa very complete social network, and widely accessed. It is possible to create an album for each property with a brief description in the caption, post content with information and tips, that is, maintain relationships with users and publicize your properties. It is interesting to integrate and promote your social networks on your website.


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search marketing

The number of buyers who search for the ideal property on the internet is growing, consider the practicality, convenience and amount of information found on the internet. Google sponsored ad campaigns are very effective; however, the cost is not that affordable. Another way to improve your organic search position is to use tags (title, description and keywords) and publish relevant content. There are several techniques that, if done together, help your site to appear well ranked in searches. Some pre-made sites are already optimized for search engines.

Don't be left behind in the market, start doing your actions and increasing the visibility of your business, attracting more customers and boosting your sales.



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