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Waffle Wordle is a fun and unique word game based on the popular Wordle game. In this game, you have to rearrange the crosswords to make six words: three horizontal words and three vertical words. You only have 15 turns to change the position of the crosswords, and you must use all the selected letters. A green crossword means you have put the correct letter in the right place, and a yellow crossword means you have put the correct letter in the wrong place. If you like Waffle Wordle, you can try the following similar games:

• Heartle: A game that uses music instead of words You have to guess the name of a song or an artist based on a short piece of music.

• Quordle: A game that asks you to solve the same couplets only once in nine guesses. You have to find four words related to a given topic.

• Framing: A game similar to Heardle but using movies instead of music, you have to guess the name of a movie or an actor based on a short movie scene.

• Squirdle: A game that combines Wordle and Sudoku You must fill the empty cells with letters so that each row, column, and 3x3 square has only one occurrence of each letter.

• Crosswordle: A game that combines Wordle and crosswords You have to fill in the blanks with words that match the selected suggestions.

• Irrational: A more difficult game than Wordle because the word to guess is not fixed but varies from person to person. You must use tactics to eliminate impossible abilities.

• Worldle: A game like Wordle, but you can adjust the number of letters in the word to guess.

• Dungleon: A game that combines Wordle and widget, you must find words to explore mysterious rooms and fight monsters.

You can also find more similar games here and here. I wish you happy gaming!

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